10 Responses to “Kate Shelley”

  1. D.S. Ryelle

    You always have great women, but Kate is…wow…

  2. Jessalyn Grant-Bier

    Kate Shelley was featured in one of my favorite series as a kid; Girls to the Rescue. It’s nice to hear her story again

  3. Catherine Spencer-Mills

    I’m currently reading Brilliant Beacons: A history of the American lighthouse by Eric Jay Dolin. Kate’s story reminds me of some of those told of the female lighthouse keepers, wives and daughters. When dad is unable to get back to the lighthouse, or has been injured, or died, the family will keep the light lit. Some became keepers after their male relative died, a few were hired without prior experience. Some performed rescues when ships wrecked near the lighthouse, and some performed truly heroic feats of keeping the lights lit and the fog horn sounding during really bad weather.

  4. TheGreatA'Tuin

    Yay! A Rejected Princess from my home state! I live about an hour’s drive away from where this happened.

  5. LadyM

    I love fishing just off of Kate Shelley Bridge. It’s great to see her recognized!

  6. The inquirer

    Just wondering, how is a person born in 1863 15 years old in 1881. Shouldn’t she be 17 or 18?

  7. Annie

    As an Iowan, I have grown up hearing this story since at least kindergarten. I actually lived near the Kate Shelley bridge. Heck, we sometimes used the jungle gym as our “bridge” to climb across and save people. Thank you for shedding light on a long time hero of mine. Her bravery inspires a lot of locals, so it’s nice to see her story inspiring others. Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Hannah Tuttle

    Actually she started out with a lantern but it eventually went out due to the wind and such from the storm, so she had light for part of it.

  9. LibraryMouse

    Yes! Thank you, I was wondering where I had heard this story before.