18 Responses to “Li Chi”

  1. Hana - Marmota

    Oooh, an animal sidekick! That immediately raises her animated cred.

  2. Jade Wilson

    Hmm, guessing Henrietta Swan Leavitt or Annie Cannon

  3. Jennifer Crumly

    Guess for next week: Seondeok (Sondok), Queen of Silla

  4. Corina

    Queen Seondeok ! Or Sondok. I’m not sure which version is right.

  5. archersangel

    I love how the dog is doing a flying-tackle on the dragon.

  6. 13cheska27

    I’m guessing Queen Seondeok/Sondok of Silla.

  7. NecroEarth50

    I’m guessing Harriet Tubman. After all, the stars were her guide when she was operating the underground railroad.

  8. ceekayz0r

    Did anyone else see the dog in the art and immediately think “SCOOBY DOO!!!”? :P

  9. ceekayz0r

    Tubman also carried a large revolver for which to shoot people who tried to turn back… :)

  10. gh


  11. Wilhelmina Krishnamurthi

    In a way you can rationalize that, if they turn back they’d utterly destroy her entire operation…possibly to earn a better position with the masters? It makes sense, sadly.

  12. esmeralda

    oh there is scooby

  13. esmeralda