7 Responses to “Lolita”

  1. mona

    love her harder

  2. Mira

    Wooooow….ummm, I never read the book..and never, want to, but I had no idea she was a freakin twelve year old!! DX

  3. Kevin Johnson

    I have to admit, I came in here expecting you to be advocating an animated Lolita or Lolita as a role model, but I was pleasantly surprised by your analysis and the hilarious image. I’ve been writing an article on Pale Fire and Lolita as intermedia–I’m interested in how the nature of the poem and notations that comprise the fictional book “Pale Fire” and the writings of Humbert that comprise the fictional memoir “Lolita” are essential to the meaning of the novels written by Nabokov–and I come to pretty much the same conclusion regarding Lolita, in that, considering how much he controls what we know about her, she is practically a figment of his imagination. If not for the “publisher’s” forward, which proves Lolita’s existence–and death–within the world of the novel, one could almost argue that Humbert had made her up (kudos to Nabokov for not letting us off that easy). When I get around to publishing the article on my blog, I’ll be sure to include a link to this site, I think my kind of readers (what few there are) would get a kick out of it.

  4. Rose

    I’m pretty uncomfortable with the description of the room as “where they consummated their relationship.” It’s where he raped her. Dancing around that seems disingenuous

  5. Lee Rivers

    Send me your article!

  6. Ollin Nishi