11 Responses to “Mahendradatta”

  1. Arabella Caulfield

    Speaking of RP Theatre, is it to be featured in the book as well?

  2. Ng Yi-Sheng

    YAY! Finally we have a Southeast Asian RP!

  3. Michele

    Facinating note about Rangda, the proportions of the exaggerated features – tongue, hands, eyes, nose – map pretty well to the proportion of the brain dedicated to those sensory organs.

  4. Dhita

    I was thinking about submitting some princesses from my country, Indonesia, only to find you wrote this!! Thank you! If there’s anything I can help with more Indonesian princesses, just let me know!

  5. Dhita

    Oh, forget to mention….I am a Balinese, by the way. Please come and visit Indonesia!!

  6. Jhale

    What exactly is the point of this character in relation to Rangda? This article is not clear at all. It says that Mahendradatta introduced Balinese culture and made her groom answer to her, but it is not specific enough to really get a feel for who Mahendradatta was. Based on what you wrote, Rangda is not related to her except for antagonizing her son.

  7. Jason Porath

    Inspiration for Rangda. I say (in a roundabout sentence structure, I’ll admit) that Mahendradatta was the inspiration for the satire that is Rangda. This is generally accepted as fact – you look at the influences on the story of Rangda (evil foreign queen, Durga, etc), and most historians agree that Rangda and Calon Arang were at least partially inspired by Mahendradatta.

    I agree there isn’t enough info on who she is. Not enough has made it down to present day. That’s how history goes sometimes. It sucks.

  8. Rindiandika Utari

    how about a story of cik siti wan kembang?
    a queen from malaysia

  9. Jason Porath

    She’s on the list! :D

  10. Joshua Madoc

    Welp, time to wait for coverage of Tjoet Nyak Dhien.