8 Responses to “Manuela Sáenz”

  1. ambaryerno

    Man, between her, de Erauso, and d’Aubigny you could have one HELL of a wild party.

  2. Amorphous Mammal

    We know Bolivar loved her because… he wrote about it in letters? Uhm…. I’m sorry, but actions speak louder than words: Taking credit for someone (who was almost beaten to death in the act of) saving your life *the second time*, not marrying them at such a time as social rules demand such for their benefit in multiple ways, not even mentioning said person after a point or leaving anything in your will? But he called her a cute nickname. Yeah, ok. ….Maybe I’m just a cynical d*ckhead, but I bet Bolivar thought of her more as a ‘sure thing’, just someone he could have sex with and yet not take seriously or treat right because she was so in love with him he knew he could treat her however he wanted and she’d just keep coming back. =/

  3. Jackal

    You’ve gotta account for machismo, though. Your bros will never let you hear the end of it if your utterly badass girlfriend saves your life. *eyeroll*

    Me, I wouldn’t take it, but context is context. *shrug*

  4. Natasha Romanova

    And it would be their society’s worst nightmare. I’d like to see that, all these women are batshit crazy and badass as fuck, it’d be hilarious!