7 Responses to “Marguerite de Bressieux”

  1. AnonWho

    ahh this one was awesome!!! no idea who the next heroine is but super excited for anyone east asian like me!!! :) (not, of course, that i don’t thoroughly enjoy any & all of your featured figures :))

  2. KitsuneFire

    Maybe her grave is somewhere sacred so it is not to be disturbed.

  3. Andrea

    A Medieval Nemesis. Loved this image.

  4. Graham

    As additional substantiation that Marguerite de Bressieux actually existed, her father’s papers, such as they are, are archived at a library in France. They are indexed on p. 13 of this PDF at *8: http://www.archives-isere.fr/uploads/Externe/Archive/Archive/f7/ALO_ARCHIVE_291_1434112517.pdf

    If there is definite period documentation of MdB’s life and times to be found, it’s probably in a drawer nearby.

    The episode also seems to be discussed in this 1984 book, if you can find a physical copy and speak French: https://books.google.com/books?id=FMrWAAAAMAAJ&q=%22georges+de+Bressieux%22&dq=%22georges+de+Bressieux%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjL0oefg9vWAhUV8GMKHUyqCX0Q6AEIOzAD

  5. freya christensen

    It’s still an awesome quote.
    Hey, I know you’re probably inundated with suggestions, but on the off chance you might someday need one more – ever considered Eliza Lucas?

  6. Jason Porath

    She’s on the master list! :) Thank you!

  7. Ella McMakin

    As a young woman, I find it really amazing that you and your book are out there in the world, doing what you do. I would like to thank you for creating these works – they’re something the world sorely needs right now. They give me hope when I hear things like “the reason why we don’t study historical women as much as historical men is because there aren’t as many influential women in history; not every woman can be a Cleopatra or a Harriet Tubman” from guys at my school (and that’s one of the more eloquent explanations; most of start with “f” and end with “u”). I also find it unfair that Women’s History Month and Black History Month are both railroaded into February – the shortest month of the year. I was also wondering if you had read anything by Vicki Leon? She writes the Uppity Women series, which I enjoy (honestly, a collaboration between you both is a Thing That Would Make Me Cry Tears Of Joy and Expire On the Spot), as well as Working IX to V, which I laugh-cried my way through. I would love it if you would cover Hedy Lamarr, Nancy Wake (who was the QUEEN OF NAZI-KILLING), Jeanne Baret, Catherine the Great, Flora Sandes, and Lucy Stone (way cooler than Susan B. Anthony or Elizabeth C. Stanton)… just to name a few! Again, I’m a huge fan of your work; keep being amazing!