10 Responses to “Masako Hojo”

  1. D_A Renoir

    Yoritomo? Interested in Shizuka Gozen? Shizuka is traditionally documented as being the mistress of Yoritomo’s brother, Yoshitsune… Don’t tell me Yoritomo started pitching a big hissy fit at his brother over that lady XD

  2. Jason Porath

    Maybe I done goofed? I don’t have that book available right now (gave it back to the library), will check when I get a chance.

  3. Marty

    It may be of interest to note that the crest of the Hojo clan is widely known today as the triforce in the Legend of Zelda series.

  4. Yoonmi Kim

    “There, she sang songs of her longing for Yoshitsune, which angered Yoritomo; but Yoritomo’s wife Hōjō Masako
    was sympathetic, and helped to have her released. However, she was by
    this point pregnant with Yoshitsune’s child; Yoritomo declared that if
    it were a daughter she could live on peacefully, but if it were a son,
    he would have the child killed.”


    Shizuka rejected him. Hojo helped him.

    So it’s correct.

  5. Sylverdollar

    Hojo Masako is such a fascinating person!

    After Yoritomo died and Yoriie became shogun, she actually started almost immediately to set up a “regency council” with her father and her brother. Within a few years, they had basically usurped all of Yoriie’s power for themselves. According to one version of events, Masako overheard Yoriie plotting to overthrow the regency council by teaming up with his in-laws (the Hiki family). Masako reported this to her father, leading to a short war, the death of Yoriie’s eldest son, the forced retirement of Yoriie, and the death of many in the Hiki family.

    So the next shogun was Masako’s other son, Sanetomo, who was 11. Her father tried to control him directly as regent, but had little luck because the boy was still pretty attached to his regent; the father was also starting to get paranoid, turning on many of the family allies and alienating his children. So, Masako and her brother went and had a word with old dad, and he retired and became a priest very shortly thereafter.

    Masako also did a lot to keep the Hojo family in power. When Sanetomo showed no signs of producing an heir, she tried to convince a retired emperor to let him adopt an imperial prince. When Sanetomo was killed by his own nephew (Yoriie’s last surviving son, on the steps of a temple, and he was apprehended and executed that same day), leaving no Minamoto heir, Masako tracked down a distant relative – an infant – to be the new shogun, ensuring the continuation of the Hojo regency. When her brother died and his son became the new regent, certain families revolted against making the position hereditary to the Hojo – so Masako “negotiated” with them, and they quickly backed down.

    She died 25 or 26 years after Yoritomo, and had basically been ruling Japan for that entire time.

  6. Katrina DeWitt

    It took all of that to defeat the Hojo… They were the Spartans of Japan…