6 Responses to “Mercadera”

  1. Katsiaryna Naliuka

    Love the filigree borders! “Na” is Occitan for “Donna”, so it’s “Lady Merchant’.

  2. pointe4Jesus

    Oh. I guess I found the most recent entry. On the one hand, that means I can go to bed without worrying about losing my place. But… there aren’t any more!

  3. Sara Elizabeth Prekosovich

    You didn’t think anyone would get this? Never doubt the skills of a librarian to find obscure answers.

  4. CliffinCalif

    “Mon petite chou” (My little cabbage) is a term of endearment in French. Could you work THAT in to the story?

  5. Natasha Romanova

    Awww! Noooo! Don’t worry, it’s okay that you couldn’t work in a “My Cabbages” joke. But one thing, YOU’RE A FAN OF ATLA?! HECK YEAH!!!!