15 Responses to “Micaela Almonester”

  1. Mikki Bicknell

    This is extremely Interesting. My family history is pretty lost to me, but My father told me I was named for my great-great-great-great-Grandmother from Louisiana. I don’t remember the stories my father used to tell me, but he had promised his own Great grandmother that he would name a daughter after her great-great grandmother. My name is Micaela pronounced Me-kai-ella. Apparently this woman I was named after was very important symbol in my family, but the history of her is lost to us as my father was told very little of her and he was but 5 years old when his great grandmother died. My father passed away 13 years ago and we weren’t very close. I wish I could find out more about her lineage, I wonder if she was the important woman I was named after?

  2. Mikki Bicknell

    Definitely see the resemblance, the bottom half is me and my sister (she’s the one smiling).

  3. Jason Porath

    Entirely possible! She was a Creole woman, of Spanish descent, as was her husband Celestin. Their kids were named Joseph, Celestin, Alfred, Gaston, and Mathilde. Beyond that, I can’t be a ton of help.

  4. Diann

    I agree! I would go to the genealogy portion of the library and work your way forward from her and her children, that Jason listed. and then their children. A Wiki search may also be a good place to start for this as well. Then backwards from You and your father. and your grandparents. Then. get a DNA test if you feel inclined. It will tell you what nationality flows through your blood. :-) Census reports are also great for this type of research. Good luck! and keep us posted! :-D

  5. Dakota

    You need to write an entry on Mary Elizabeth Lease. She was an important figure in the Populist Party, but in school we only got 2 sentences about her. Plus, she was known for having said, “Raise less corn and more Hell” (papers had made it up actually but it was such an awesome phrase she just rolled with it.)

  6. Mikki Bicknell

    My father made claims of us being of Creole descent. I thought he was fooling with us kids, but now I wonder if it is true? We are a mixture of Spanish and Mexican on my father’s side.

  7. Alexina

    You guys do seriously look like her. The whole thing is rather eerie. Also awesome post!

  8. Alexina

    This may be one of my favorite women after Sonya Golden Hand and Isabell Godin. All three of them create my little group of awesome women.

  9. Jade Wilkin

    Next you should do one about Hel the Norse goddess of the dead. I find the story interesting and would like to see what you could find out about her.
    P.S. I love your stories please update this blog more often (I understand you still have a life but it would be nice).

  10. Danie

    I noticed that your first footnote links back to your last RP for some reason. Not sure if this is intentional or not, was just curious about her reasons so I clicked it and the link jumped to Isabel’s page.

  11. Jessi03

    I would love for Alan Cumming to play Celestin