7 Responses to “Nafanua”

  1. Angry trashcan

    As a Samoan, I freakin love this

  2. Nafa Leota

    I was named after Nafanua! <3 this is so amazing I love it!

  3. Hana - Marmota

    Interesting info on the clothing… especially in combination with its role in the story!

  4. O A'u O Faleicia

    Im actually a Falealupo-an myself, and we were told that Nafanua wore a “Tiputa”,which is like a poncho, that just covered her breasts. Anyways, so after the whole battle, and her breasts being uncovered, the land that they fought on was then named “Malae O Le Mā” roughly meaning “The Land of (the) Shame(d)” some people say the shame was Nafanuas because her boobs were seen lol others say the shame was on the men she defeated lol ..just thought id add my 2c lol

  5. Jason Porath

    Thank you for the info! :)

  6. N

    About the miscarriage parallel, this is a major plot point in the Mahabharata too. Queen Gandhari was pregnant for two years, during which time her sister-in-law Kunti had a child of her own (the eldest Pandava). Frustrated, Gandhari tried to force a miscarriage, and gave birth to a lump of flesh. While the royal couple were recovering from the trauma of losing their long-awaited child, a sage came to visit, and Gandhari dragged herself out of her grief to be a good hostess to the sage. He was so impressed by her strength of character that he offered to fulfill her desire for a child. He divided the lump of flesh into 101 parts and kept them in pots; in a short while these pieces had turned into 100 sons (the Kauravas) and 1 daughter. It’s part of why the civil war that is the centerpiece is so complicated: everyone’s birth starting with Bhishma’s generation is out of the ordinary, confusing the succession.