7 Responses to “Nana Miriam”

  1. Jeanette Wu

    Hey, did you get my e-mails?

  2. Jason Porath

    Yes! Been traveling for a bit, today is the first I’ll be able to catch up on email. Thank you again!

  3. DasWolli

    Definitely one of my favorites so far, love the pose, her smile, the folds and patterns of her garb. Great work!

  4. Mona

    This story sounded very familiar, and a quick google search revealed why–it was retold in Jane Yolen’s “Not One Damsel in Distress: World Folktales for Strong Girls”, a favorite of mine as a child.

  5. Zahara A. Vitani

    This is amazing! Disney needs to get in on this.

  6. Micheleh

    Not sure how I feel about your making fun of somebody’s name just because you don’t like him/it’s “hard”.