19 Responses to “Neerja Bhanot”

  1. Petet

    What a rejected princess, a story that is worth telling. A hero if ever there was one .

  2. Pritha Bose

    Thank you for taking up this piece.

  3. samsnead

    wow! Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe this woman! My new fav heroine haba!


    Some times we cannot find words to appreciate or prise such great souls for their sacrifice n instinct reaction to the situation. My humble Salam to the great n brave soul RIP

  5. El Aguila

    Beautiful, brave, highly intelligent, my heart cries for Neerja Bhanot, a true hero and a child of God. Too soon you are in a far better place than this.

  6. shripad kulkarni

    Hats off to Neerja….sallam.!!!!!

  7. Sridhar Kaushik

    A truly inspiring life.
    We live long lives achieving little.
    Here was someone who achieved greatness in a short life allotted to her.

  8. Chad

    What an amazing heroine she was!!! Bless her and her family. Neerja, as a flight attendant, your bravery and valor have occupied a very special place in my heart. You will not be forgotten!!!

  9. BobDeNasty

    Who were those children she saved? They were truly protected by an angel!

  10. Nandhini Soundhar

    You were warrior,you still are.I respect you with all my heart,You are such a great inspiration to all the women in the world.You are one courageous woman, I don’t think everyone would have done what you did.And that is why you are so special. May your story keep inspiring everyone,may your courage and bravery keep still be alive in every heart.

  11. Phytoist

    The bravest dashing girl who gave her life to save many others. As an Indian,I am very proud of her & salute her soul & sacrifice @ so young age. We are grieving with the parents & siblings left behind & will pray for loved one you lost & missing forever. God bless you all & Neerza now in God’s care. So sad & heart touching story of a life one can’t forget about.

  12. Sainya

    This is not true read this website extremely recent


    her dad was a journalist who made a story up that website i just posted is the real stories from the flight Attendance

  13. Jason Porath

    Ah damn. This is why I am hesitant to feature more contemporary figures. Thank you.

  14. Beautiful.

    Salute ♡

  15. Hannah

    That’s not true, she’s a celebrated Indian hero! There are eye witnesses who can attest to what she did!