10 Responses to “Nia Ngao Zhua Pa”

  1. S. Bear

    Just a suggestion, but perhaps you should do Empress Dowager Cixi. Very interesting lady. I just finished a biography about her by Jung Chang. Great job on Nia Ngao Zhua Pa. Both informative and humorous.

  2. Jason Porath

    (don’t know why the image got flipped sideways. silly iphone.)

  3. Vasha

    I take it that if you were really making a movie out of tjis, you’d go with the ending where NNZP does not return to Orphan Boy. Do you know I can’t think of a single European fairy tale that acknowledges that divorce is a thing, and if you marry the wrong person the first time, it’s not the end of your love life?

  4. trinafool

    Where did you find the different versions? i want to show them to a Hmong student I work with, but can’t seem to find anything other than a basic he finds her at the bottom of the lake and they live there happily ever after.

  5. trinafool

    Oh lord, I’m an idiot.

  6. Julie

    Bit of a pet peeve, breath vs breathe. Breath is a noun, breathe is a verb.

  7. Jason Porath

    Fixed! Thank you. :)