17 Responses to “Noor Inayat Khan”

  1. Jema McCardell

    I vote for her story to be Angelina Jolie’s next directorial endeavor!

  2. Ramen

    You are amazing! Stumbled across your art on another site, glad I found the original blog! Currently developing an Indian princess for a Disney-esque film (with badassery and tiger-riding) lol

  3. raheem

    When i Heard she got beaten up like wild animal and torture her and last before death she was raped…… died before shot of gun…… I say she was very very brave not even said single word….. while i am trying to type all this thing my have a tears on my eyes that’s what i can say abt her……

  4. Renee Badenoch

    I cried when I read this. Thank you.

  5. Mehnaz Hassan

    I love her so much. I hope to have her courage and wit someday.

  6. Ronn Bauman

    Second time reading this – cried this time too.

  7. Prathi

    I vote yes to a movie about her but a different casting choice. Let’s not condone ‘white-washing’ in the media.

  8. Jason Porath

    They were advocating Angelina direct, not star. :D

  9. Cass

    Honestly I got a bit teary myself. I first came across her when I purchased a second-hand book of her children’s stories (now one of my most precious books). There was an old newspaper cutting in the back about her and I was all ‘Whaaaat? This is one person? The same person did all this stuff…?’ and did a bit of research and yeah, she was such a glorious weirdo who did such amazing things and I also couldn’t help but think, ‘what would I do?’, too.

  10. Shah Wahid

    Why are we whitewashing her as a Sufi? She was Muslim. Say it aloud!!! All Sufis are Muslim BTW.

  11. Jason Porath

    I specifically say she’s a Muslim repeatedly. I mention her Sufism because of its emphasis on pacificism and not lying, which are contradictory things for someone signing up to be a spy.

  12. Shah Wahid

    But not lying is an integral part of Islam. Oh well.

  13. Torilia Shine

    Oh my goodness that was beautiful

  14. R.R. Q