23 Responses to “Nzinga Mbande”

  1. Guest

    excellent drawing, interesting history, and definitely a charming princess! Appreciate you for providing detailed sources! do update if you find more on the rumours!

  2. Lulu

    I was wondering why some in the crowd behind her are lighter skinned?

  3. Jason Porath

    Primarily to create a bit of visual contrast (as opposed to a single color for absolutely everyone). The research indicated not every Angolan (well, Ndongoan) had the same skin tone, although some of that may have just been the European art style.

  4. king Asante-Yeboa

    Thanks to the author for taking the pains to research, to investigate, into what may be smear campaigns intended to soil Queen Nzinga’s achievements and those of other. Kindly update us of your findings at office@african-center.com


    We have a similar legend in TOUGANDAH east africa but the queen was white or light skinned. . . But the brother did not die he just went retired.

  6. Kelleen B-g

    I remember reading about her in the Royal Diaries series. She’s awesome.

  7. Luca Gomes

    She’s from Angola, my country! I’d Love her to be recreated in an animated series/movie!

  8. willing rwatirera

    honestly i don’t see her capabilities but only evil doings,so hw come one regard her a queen legend

  9. Jinsei

    You do realize that dark-skinned people come in many varying shades, right?

  10. Divine Consciousness

    All people of color come in varying shades and this, of course, is inclusive of Asians, Latinos, and Africans. If the people in the crowd were all the same complexion, it would be a fictional depiction and completely unrealistic.

  11. Jason Porath

    To be fair, it’s a fictional depiction regardless. :)

  12. Aunt Heather

    I wish many dark African American women would adopt the coloring system of the African princess: Using differing colors to compliment and emphasis their lovely skin, instead of wearing clothing and accessories that clash with and blot out their dark beauty.

  13. chantay robinson

    I was just considering this for my soon to be adopted daughter, I’m very determined to honor her racial and historical heritage. I’ve also been looking for uplifting stories to introduce her to in the hopes it will give her proud figures to identify with.

  14. alwell

    There is a white line that is blooded decent from her found in parts of the American South. I am one, and there is another just a few blocks down the street as well! If anone is interested and will email me, I will gladly share what I have with you.

  15. alwell

    See my post above – I think you’d be the most interested in this part of her history.

  16. Mags

    I’m Portuguese but I’m so freaking happy she beated my ancestors asses.

  17. Allison

    This is a very informative site. I would love to see one on Queen Nanny of the Maroons in #Jamaica.

  18. Jason Porath

    She’s in the book. :)

  19. Javari Nama

    Now that was one bad African Queen. I wish she had not converted to Euro-Christianity because it steals your energy from the original African trinity and gives it to the Devil but she was an early Assata Shakur.

  20. Fallingfeather

    Reading this now in 2016- were you ever able to get clarification on the throat slitting rumors? I’m quite interested to hear what you found out. :O

  21. Allison

    Thanks Jason for that inclusion.

  22. Donte Winslow

    This is dope, good shit folks

  23. Kerubel