13 Responses to “Onake Obavva”

  1. Lady Zweihander

    link to submit form is mistaken pasted.

  2. Jason Porath

    Fixed! Sorry about that.

  3. Braelyn

    We need to do this song thing! I’m thinking we can have a different person voice each soldier before they get donked on the head, and have a single person voice Obavva. No fancy microphones or singing talent needed, it can work spoken! Anyone else want to get involved?

  4. EveryZig

    So basically she is the first (and best if the hundred is near accurate) spawn camper.

  5. Vidya Murugan

    I read a very similar/pretty much the same story in school except there the fort belonged to the great Maratha leader, Shivaji and the attackers were the not so nice Mughals

  6. Runya EithelNar

    I love this part with muscial theme xD

  7. samsnead

    Hahaha awesome

  8. Kira Winter

    Am I the only one seeing this as a perfect Bollywood parody song and dance number?

  9. nikhilshivpuja

    The only problem i have with this amazing peice of work , is the husband eating na’an . As it is traditionally a north indian bread

  10. Sanjay Merchant

    I realize I’m late to this particular party, but Obavva’s husband’s “dafuq?” face in the poster is amazing.