13 Responses to “Onorata Rodiani”

  1. Janet Coburn

    Um, Pope John XXIII was 20th century. He was the Vatican II dude.

  2. falnfenix

    this deserves applause. well done!

  3. lumenatrix

    I cannot thank you enough for the old timey Nice Guy(tm) dialogue. I laughed out loud.

  4. Pierre-Eric Raby

    I absolutely love the comic.
    Especially the horrible dad joke.
    But seriously, awesome work on this one.

  5. jhalpernkitcat

    The part where the rejected suitor starts singing One Direction was hilarious. I actually looked up ” female fresco painter/mercenary” in order to discover who this person was–and I’m pretty glad I did. (BTW, I am the one who gets credited as “Glowworm” for guesses.)

  6. Just a Swedish girl

    Just a suggestion but i really want to see a full fleged Jeanne d’arc (Joan of arc) RP.

  7. Ronn Bauman

    Really looking forward to an Artemesia G entry!!!!

  8. LibraryMouse

    There’s one in the book!

  9. samira otu

    Defenestrate! hehehe

  10. esmeralda

    i might dress up as her for halloween