11 Responses to “Princess Pyeonggang”

  1. Carol Elaine

    Would that be Mekatilili?

  2. Carol Elaine

    Sorry! Thanks!

  3. Jason Porath

    It’s cool – it wasn’t there when initially posted (something is malfunctioning with the website code, fixing it now)!

  4. Maria João Barata

    This entry made me laugh :D a really good way to resume with RP! Keep’em coming!

  5. Jeanette Wu

    Pyeongang and Ondal the Fool! It’s a really good one, and a really sad one.

  6. emma

    how is it sad?

  7. William Parker

    I will be taking my Taekwondo black belt test soon and the required essay is the history of Taekwondo. Know of any bad ass Korean female warriors of any time frame? I find women in the sport, but I know someone must have learned as her sons did .I would love to focus on TKD women since there are 4 of us testing together.

  8. William Parker

    I am really Jenny Parker

  9. esmeralda

    why they never listen to us women i will never know