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  1. Citrineleaf

    Dear Author,

    You are a riot! By far the funniest man I’ve ever encountered! Perhaps you should marry me and entertain me for life ….

  2. A Noni Mouse

    Regarding Sita, the blues-singing princess, it would have been nice to hear something about her singing. It also would have been nice to hear a little more about the 100 purity tests, like a few quick examples or something. Rejected Princesses is a great site and, obviously, a huge amount of work went into it for others to enjoy. I personally love your illustrations. Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. Vajrabolt

    “A monkey leaps across the Indian subcontinent while carrying a mountain on its back. In parts it reads like a Hindu Dragon Ball Z”

    Funny you should mention that. Goku was based on the Chinese monkey king Sun Wukong who was based on the Indian Hanuman.

    Also look up Shikhandi from the Mahabharata. The princess who became a prince.

  4. Jason Porath

    Never made the Wukong-Hanuman connection before, but it makes sense!

    Re: Amba/Sikhandi – way ahead of you. :D

  5. MahaFan

    true that Amba/Sikhandi’s way ahead! There are lots of variations to how Shikhandi became a prince that gives my head a big spin!

  6. Jeanette Wu

    Actually, Sita has another legend in the Adbhuta Ramayana that’s more awesome and action-oriented. Rama has killed Ravana and rescued Sita, but Sita laughs at him for being so naive as to think that Ravana was the ultimate evil overlord, because Ravana has one brother left, a demon with a thousand heads who’s a hundred times stronger and more evil than Ravana. Rama tries to kill the other Ravana, but his most powerful weapons fail him and he is beaten unconscious by the demon. Sita laughs again, transforms into a kickass goddess form, and hacks off all of the other Ravana’s heads in one stroke. She then goes on to eat his entire army, only getting talked down from her whirlwind of destruction by Lord Shiva himself. Brahma wakes Rama up, but he’s horrified at Sita’s new form. Brahma had to explain to him that yes, Sita was that powerful all along, but played along and let Rama be the hero because she loved him. Now she’s shown her true power to remind him that as his wife, she is his “shakti”, or “energy”, and that everything he does can only be done in association with her. Rama praises Sita, and she finally goes back to her normal form.
    But still, I love your spin on the ending of Sita’s tale, and the focus you put on her final choice.

  7. Kayce Megill

    Didn’t ‘A Little Princess’ have a story similar to this? Or am I getting stories mixed up?

  8. Katherine Hu

    Yeah, and in the version I read, Sita is able to prove her purity by jumping into a fire and being protected by the gods. I guess there are several versions, like with most stories that have been told for centuries.

  9. Jai sita ram

    I find it very disrespectful the way you told the story of sita ram. This is my religion and this is not a fake made up story this actually happened there is physical proof at sri lanka to back up the story. You should do your research about the origin of the story before you go on about it in a disrespectful way. Only god can purify you of your ignorance.Lord Ram was devoted to Sita and as Lord vishnu he had several devotees who wanted to be with him but he pledged his life to sita. Read the story of Maa Vaishno Devi. Hanuman did leap across with a mountain on his back there is footsteps to prove this.Sita has never been rejected she lies in hanuman ram and all her devotees hearts Jai sita ram
    Jai jai bolo hanuman .jai mata di .
    Namaste Hari Om

  10. Jackal

    I like how utterly done she looks.

  11. Jeanette Wu

    The Ramayana can mean different things to different people, religious and non-religious alike. There are Hindus who do not consider the ending canon, because Rama’s behavior is radically different from the previous books, and veers dangerously close to adharma, in that he chooses appearances and pleasing the crowd over truth. And there’s also feminist Hindus who have a similar interpretation to what Jason has. Whatever the belief, I don’t think anyone can argue that Sita was defiant and hurt when she took her trial by fire and later leaped into the earth.

  12. CVaidya

    My husband is a Hindu, so I’m definitely going to ask about this version…I don’t recall the part of her being rejected and returning to the earth, at all… I can pretty much guarantee my husband’s going to be pretty mad about this interpretation…

  13. CVaidya

    In other words, I am in total agreement with Jai Seeta Ram, here…

  14. Crybaby Killjoy Otaku Pilot Br

    I am Hindu, and I’m totally fine the way he portrays it. He tried to do his research.
    And haha, Sita did actually jump into the pit. Read the Ramayana.
    She was rejected.
    And Jason portrayed her correctly.

  15. R.R. Q

    Amba became a prince named Shikhandi by rebirth to avenge Bhisma. Shikhandi was a eunuch i think.

  16. R.R. Q

    I’m a Hindu too, and I have read the scriptures, this article is accurate. Sita was exiled by Rama in the original Valmiki’s Ramayana, because of a washerman’s gossip. Rama then installs a golden statue of Sita in place of the Queen. Its very messed up, which is why last part is omitted from annual Ramleela. It disturbs me to how Sita is treated, but really there are no answers to it.

  17. Diana

    No, your correct. throughout the movie, Sara tells the story, “The Ramayana”. exciting, romantic and beautifully written, its definitely worth a read.