7 Responses to “Sonya Golden Hand”

  1. MamaMiep

    Hooray for yet another homegirl Princess :-) (My grandmother is from Odessa, a town that Sonia later called home). Her story is both riveting and heartbreaking! (Doroshevich described how devastated she was by not being able to see her daughters while in exile) Incidentally, if the Cyrillic sign says “Отвергнутые принцессы”, then Google translate did right! Your blog is fantastic, btw – can’t wait for the book!

  2. Natalya Fedyk

    I admire Sonka Zolotaya Ruchka!!

  3. David Kubaba

    An admirable Russian Jewess.

  4. esmeralda

    you look scared in the picture

  5. Bianca Alicia

    Am I the only one who thinks the guard look like Vlad from Don Bluth’s Anastasia? I love that movie.