6 Responses to “Taytu Betul”

  1. D.S. Ryelle

    It’s not Lorena Hickok, though I’m suddenly interested to read about her!

  2. Dread Baron

    Africa really needs someone like her to take charge.

  3. Elena Capellini

    I’m Italian, and when I as a little girl would act up in some way my granny would always say to me, “Ma chi sei, la regina Taitù?”. Insteresting fact: when we studied the Ethiopian war in high school, there was no mention of the empress whatsoever.

  4. Micheleh

    Africa is not a country.

  5. Dread Baron

    I say Africa since I don’t really mind which country gets her. Kenya, Mali, Chad, its all good.

  6. Mason Anderson

    I like how you had Betul playing on the black side in chess and having her defeat the white side, that was a nice touch.