13 Responses to “Thákane”

  1. Ben Mustafa

    Awsome! Was eagerly waiting for this months RP and Thakane tottaly rocked it. I recommend you research on these two African women who are also RP worthy; Nana Asma’u and Queen Amina of Zazzau(or Zaria) they are both experts in badassery.

  2. Skemono

    They’re both on the list! :) Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Skemono

    La Llorona and Erendira are on the list!

    If you have further suggestions, please use the contact form to submit them. It’s easier to keep everything in one place. Thanks!

  4. archersangel

    I like the background details; the the lazy brothers in the hut waiting for their stuff, the three warriors on the right with the middle guy looking at (what I presume) is the ironstone pebble & the guy on the right looking worried either at the water dragon, or that his shield isn’t big enough. I’m not sure which.

  5. Noelle

    Ah man, I have read the source book about a dozen times, but clearly not close enough, because I don’t remember that story at all. I suppose I should just buy it and have it instead of just borrowing from the library every time. Awesome story! Your storytelling style cracks me up.

  6. Igbayilola

    La Malinche, known also as Malinalli or Doña Marina, was a Nahua woman from the Mexican Gulf Coast, who played a role in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire.

  7. Hana - Marmota

    I like how this is another example of similar motifs popping up in stories from different cultures. Here I’ve noticed motifs I know from Czech fairy tales (an old woman hiding
    protagonist from a dangerous being, said being sniffing around for the
    human; something small thrown behind one when running from pursuers and
    growing to enormous proportions to stop/hinder the pursuers).

  8. cjinsk

    I just heard this on the Myths and Legends Podcast; I loved the story so much I was trying to find more information and ended up here. This is slightly different from the one I heard. Instead of the villagers coming with her, a group of armed men was sent by the king to help her and one of the warriors was actually the king and he fell in love with her.

  9. pointe4Jesus

    I was looking up African dragon legends for a story I’m trying to write, but I came across this instead. I’m now trying to go on an archive binge to get caught up. :)