13 Responses to “Tomyris”

  1. Robyn

    Can you do one on Rani Lakshmibhai of Jhansi?

  2. Jason Porath

    She’s on the list, although she may be a book entry!

  3. Mason

    I am not sure that you did enough research for what you mentioned here. Cyrus the great died from his wounds in war and on his way back to Persia. Your story is like a hateful and disrespectful one. I am sorry that people like you try to make great people look bad. For your knowledge Cyrus the great was the one set free and send back 14 tribes being slave in Babylon( where Iraq is today) including Jews and Assyrians to their home land. Thanks for every one who reads this

  4. Jason Porath

    I’m sorry that you find the story inaccurate. You can see the citations I used at the end of the entry — I’m not making this up, I’m repeating what numerous people have said before me. Heck, there’s even a huge section on Wikipedia’s Cyrus the Great entry entirely devoted to it.

    If you have English-language sources that refute my entry, I’d be happy to look at them. I have a long and public history of revising entries where I’m off-base. Keep in mind, though, that this is not an entry about Cyrus the Great – it is about Tomyris.

  5. drbdn

    So I was combing through and re-reading a bunch of these so I could send links of a few of my favorites to a friend to read. Anyway, I was curious to learn more about Sparethra (who sounded pretty badass in her own right) and so I googled it. Didn’t find much on her, but saw she was mentioned on the wikipedia page for the Amyrgians, here- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amyrgians
    Interestingly enough, it looks like the Amyrgian page cited THIS Rejected Princess page for part of the article! Just thought that was an interesting happenstance.

  6. Bombiz

    I think the main problem with this account of Cyrus the Great’s is that it comes from Herodotus who wasn’t exactly known for telling the truth when it came to the persian. He would often over exaggerate stories involving the persians (see the battle of thermopylae). I think another problem with Cyrus’s death is that their are multiple accounts of it. looking at the Wiki page for Cyrus the Great it lists 5 different account of his death.

    idk it just seems like if the Tomyris would’ve been true their would be more than just Herodotus. but since Cyrus’s death varies by account people can believe what they want. ;)

  7. Cassia212

    Any chance we’ll see an RP feature on Sparethra?

  8. Jason Porath

    Probably not for a bit. There’s not a ton of info about her out there, and I worry about overdoing a specific time and place (already had Tirgatao and Tomyris).

  9. WD Vinco

    Well she’s a horrible person. Murdering one of the greatest and beloved kings in history, is a big no-no in my book.. Cyrus was a nice guy, even the Bible holds him up a kind and loving person. He was tolerable of others’ religions and let the Jews go back to Jerusalem. What kind of woman would kill such a nice guy.

  10. Jason Porath

    Did you read the entry? He invaded her country, killed her soldiers, and caused the death of her son. Was she supposed to bake him cookies?

  11. WD Vinco

    True, but not everyone’s perfect. Cyrus was overall genuinely kind and tolerable of others beliefs. Plus he’s a conqueror, what do you expect. He’s not going be nice about it. Look at Hannibal or Genghis Khan. Plus the Scythians were pretty evil themselves. Who the hell drinks from goblets made from his/her enemies skulls?

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  12. Magie Me

    1) if “not everyone’s perfect” why are you ragging on her for not being perfect?
    2) Tomyris was minding her own business when Cyrus came to HER. What else is she supposed to do except defend her lands and people from a conqueror? It’s not like SHE went after Cyrus for not being Scythian, HE came after he for not being Persian. He doesn’t have to be nice about conquering but SHE needs to be “nice” about defending? That makes NO sense! The Scythians were a product of their times, as were the Persians. Neither were really “friendly” and the Persians would HAPPILY do plenty of horrible things to those they were conquering. The Scythians were no more or less terrible or “evil” than their descendants, the Mongols (who also used to make goblets of their enemies skulls. It was a “thing” that plenty of societies did it all around the world).
    I don’t understand where Cyrus gets a pass for doing horrible things in the name of a conqueror but Tomyris is getting shit on (by you) because she did horrible things in defense of her people, lands, and culture. CYRUS is the one running rough-shod over cultures, their people and their societies, all in the name of making Persia bigger and “better” with no regard whatsoever to the desires of those he’s conquering – the only way they could make themselves heard is by fighting back, and that’s EXACTLY what Tomyris did. Made the point loud and clear regarding what her and her people thought of Cyrus and his people, by killing them before they could invade HER lands. But it’s all cool if he kills all the Scythians because he’s a conqueror, genuinely kind and tolerant, and the Scythians are “evil” according to you? That right there is the definition of “double standard” – I can’t quite decide if it’s a sexist double standard you’re spouting (damn woman is EVIL since she didn’t roll over for Cyrus the “Great”) or whether it’s more of a racist double standard (those damn savages don’t know “civilization” when they see it…).