16 Responses to “Tsuruhime Ohori”

  1. Arthur Perry

    Very nice! Any reason why the “claw gauntlets” are not depicted in the art?

  2. Jason Porath

    They are, but you can’t really tell. The white things around her hand are supposed to be them. They likely looked a bit like this:

  3. Runya EithelNar

    I don’t know why, but my first thought on this pic was “Is she doing boobs&butt pose?” ^^’ Skirt is a little misleading here for me ^^’ But great post and pic! :D

  4. Ian Knight

    I’ve seen her in Sengoku Basara, though I had no idea she was actually supposed to be a bad-ass. Her depiction in that is kind of ditzy and sheltered, but she’s a likeable character who is determined to defend her home. What I find the most interesting is that they make her an archer, but SB isn’t exactly known for its historical accuracy so much as being as overboard with characters as possible.

  5. Izzy Ichabod

    Lemme give you a taste of how AWSOME this website is: every single time I come on here I HAVE to listen to Pat Benetar’s Heartbreaker. On repeat. Woohoo!!!!!

  6. vaan

    Ahhh! I am a fan of Sengoku Basara and this game made me fall in love with Tsuruhime, so I was surprised to see the game being mentioned here! It’s true that the games accuracy with history is not really… well, you know… so Tsuruhime appears as an archer for example in-game. She’s a really lovely girl, very cute and doesn’t know much about the world outside as she was raised inside the shrine, to protect her due to her powers as an oracle and being able to see the future. Though, she stands on her own feet, protects her home land and leads an army that supports her a lot. She is like the little “idol” of the game, haha. I am very glad to be able to read more about her original, since I never found much, so I appreciate this post a lot! Aside from that, this entire site is really awesome, keep up the work!

  7. Athanasia

    What skirt? It looks like she’s wearing hakama to me (traditional Japanese bottomwear worn over a kimono; can be split like trousers or a single piece like a skirt).

  8. Katrina DeWitt

    I know why they said “she committed suicide”. That was a cover.
    The “suicide” was to protect her people. She secretly went into hiding to strike at her people’s enemies covertly with a team of Ninja. Completely without anyone knowing who she was…

  9. San Yu Tigris Lai

    To tell the fact, I did not know of this wonderful person (as well as many others) before I come to this website. Thank you for that.
    However, I seem to spot a (very minor, to Indo-European readers) mistake – The Japanese form of the name is reversed. Her surname is Ohori and given name Tsuru – thus 大祝鶴 in Japanese and Chinese. The English form is always correct though, since both Western and Chinese name order are regarded as right.

  10. Jason Porath

    I’m well aware – I’m fairly fluent in Japanese. :) I wrote with English conventions, with given name first, surname second.

  11. San Yu Tigris Lai

    But I think the Japanese name should still be in the original order as 大祝鶴 or 大祝鶴姫 while the English form should be kept as Tsuruhime Ohori in that case, as 鶴姫大祝 doesn’t make much sense?

  12. San Yu Tigris Lai

    On second thoughts, I think I should point out that you put the correct English form in the first line, followed by reversed Kanji.

  13. Jason Porath

    Changed it up and added a footnote.