35 Responses to “Zenobia”

  1. Marcia Wilson

    Wow. An ancient psychotic, fun-loving version of Lucretia Mongfish from GIRL GENIUS. She even grins in the same evil ‘oh tee hee’ way!

  2. wow

    You said that your picture counters some descriptions of her. Where are those? I’m curious

  3. jhalpernkitcat

    I loved all the little drawings–so cute. I hope this continues for other rejected Princesses.

  4. Jason Porath

    Yep! That’s what the game was named after, actually. :D

  5. Emma Lindhagen

    This was a lot of fun to read and very informative! Also, I love the style of illustration you used for the cartoon panels and the mixing of illustrations with regular text, hope to see more of those in future RPs. :)

  6. D.S. Ryelle

    Interesting new format! Thanks for answering my messages…looking forward to the Not-Rejected-by-Scholastic Princesses! :D

  7. Connie OI

    Loved it! And looking forward to learning about Christine de Pizan — she sounds awesome.

  8. Jeanette Wu

    Loving the new format you’ve got here.

  9. KingofWinter

    loved it! By the way, will you go over Mavia, the other syrian queen who took on the power of rome?

  10. Jason Porath

    Yes, but not any time soon. Her story is just too similar to Zenobia, although she was more successful and less well known.

  11. Andie Shallow

    LOVE The new format! Super fun and made me laugh. Love what you are doing here!!

  12. T Rob

    Actually the Islamic State destroyed not just those structures but all others that are non-Islamic. It was pure evil, but they did it with the idea that they intend to rule over the following inhabitants that grow up in that are and they want them to grow up knowing nothing else except Islam as their history. The west needs to stop dinking around and actually destroy these terrorists.

  13. Johannes

    Wait, is this Palmyrian soldier on the front blewing a raspberry at the romans?

  14. Safoo

    Glorious work. I cannot believe I discovered you just yesterday.
    You should do one on Queen Balqees of Sheba.

  15. Sara adel

    Just discovered this site and i love it so far!! And yeah me muslim myself, the “islamic state” aint a islamic state. Theyre a cult of mentally evil and confused people that cant face normal human society. religion is just their excuse just as the “bhuddist” in myanmar are brutally killing and yes of course the “christians” in the US whove committed attrocites. . Anyway just wanted to mention one mistake… The arabs and saracens are the same ppl. Saracen came from what the persians called the arabs. “Desert dwellers” and the eurpeans turned the word into saracen. Same thing but cool you mentioned the term

  16. Tawny Martin

    Rome has the worst luck in terms of warrior queens invading their beloved country. I bet if Zenobia and Boadicea had been able to team up Rome would’ve been left in shambles but unfortunately they lived in different areas. :/

  17. iris cureses fernandez

    isis desapears overnight for unknown reasons
    found the text zenobia rules near terrorist corpse

  18. WD Vinco

    please do Cleopatra entry and comic. She’s the best. Could also make a Boudica comic.

    PS. Zenobia going “Im Cleopatra” with the headdress is hilarious.

  19. Jackal

    There, there, that’s just what they call themselves. I prefer to call them by their acronym, because Isis is an awesome goddess and fuck those dicks for profaning her name.

  20. Hana - Marmota

    Zenobia is hilarious all throughout this comic!

  21. Sharknana

    Oh my God yes. I thought I recognized the grin from somewhere, but I couldn’t put my finger on it

  22. Marcia Wilson

    That reminds me… I need to get around to mailing you that copy of THE MAN WHO WANTED SEVEN WIVES…a story of a woman who possibly conned an entire court to take the testimony of her murdered daughter’s ghost as evidence against the man who killed her.

  23. pointe4Jesus

    YES. She’s totally drawn the same way!

  24. Lisa

    I was gutted to see what ISIS had done to Palmyra. And they killed one of the best archeologists in the world because he found the courage to deny them. They deserve whatever holy hell the spirit of Zenobia can bring down on them.

  25. PatteeCee

    Love love love RP!

  26. Lily

    I’m not sure the maturity rating on this is entirely accurate…

  27. Jason Porath

    Whoops, fixed!

  28. pointe4Jesus

    Interesting to come back to this, and to the ending of it, now that ISIS is in trouble. :)