7 Responses to “Pasiphaë”

  1. GreekBunnyLady

    Hi. Um…Well… I just wanted to inform you that Pasiphaë wasn’t an bull goddess. In fact, she was not a goddess at all. Like Circe she is an immortal sorceress, which is totally diffrent than a goddess. Many sorceresses served and learned magic from Hecate, who is the goddess of magic. ☺

  2. GreekBunnyLady

    Sorry… I feel quite sheepish now.

  3. JezabelleDisreali

    theoi.com has a really good collection of links to all of her myths.

  4. esmeralda

    did anyone notice in the background of the picture i think it is kinda funny they are all screaming and she is like “who me?” but it is still really gross

  5. laurice

    why? i guess i don;t understand the story really good, i know she fucked a bull. but why did she have the urge to fuck a bull? have something to do with cupid making a mistake with his bow and arrows or something?

  6. laurice

    soooo? zeus is the father of the minotaur? cool.

  7. Vanessa Ying

    Basically King Minos was supposed to sacrifice a bull to Poseidon. However, Minos backed down on the promise, so Poseidon made Pasiphae fall in love with the bull. THAT’S how the Minotaur was born.